Round Adapter 4" (107mm)

107mm Aluminium Adapter for Easy Petrol Post Driver
lb92.00 + vat

The Magnum Adapter has an internal diameter of 107mm. This adapter is suitable for driving posts between 90mm - 100mm diameter into field ground.

Easy Fitting
Remove the standard tube using a 6mm hex key to unscrew the 8 bolts & locking washers. Slide the standard tube off the base of the Post Driver. Slide the Magnum Adapter into its place & attach using the same bolts & washers. Remember to use a Locking Compound on the screw threads to stop them vibrating out.

What is the maximum capacity?
The maximum capacity of the machine is 4” round diameter.
Our largest adapter is 107mm internal diameter.
When the ground is very dry, compacted or stoney, you鸿运彩软件下载 will need to make a pilot hole for posts larger than 78mm. This can be either by hand using a Pilot-Bar, or mechanically using either our Pilot Core Tool or an earth Auger. Posts smaller than 78mm should not need a pilot hole.

Best Results
Get the best results from you鸿运彩软件下载r Easy Petrol Post Driver by using an adapter with the closest fit to you鸿运彩软件下载r post sizes. Adapters are available for the Easy Petrol Post Driver in all shapes & sizes within 107mm round diameter. Custom sizes are available, please contact鸿运彩软件下载 for more information.

Size107mm Internal Diameter